Recent GrantsRecent Grants

Below are recent programs the foundation has supported . 

Title Recipient Amount Purpose
PENCAST LESSONS FOR ADVANCED -UNDERGRADUATES University of Wisconsin—La Crosse $34,183 To develop ancillary penncast materials for upper level undergraduate economics classes.
OpenStax College, Rice University: On-line Principles of Economics Text OpenStax College, Rice University $75,000 To develop and distribute a “free” on-line refereed college level principles text book in micro- and macro-economics.
Credit Union Foundation; Credit Union of Maryland Credit Union Foundation $32,800 To further develop and test the Foundation’s Millionaire Club
Council for Economic Education: Math in the Real World Council for Economic Education $18,000 To develop a set of lesson plans using math to teach economics in the schools
Council for Economic Education: Common Core State Standards Council for Economic Education $50,000 To develop and publicize the Common Core State Standards and to correlate the standards to existing materials