Kazanjian Economics Education Reviews (EconEdReviews.org)Kazanjian Economics Education Reviews (EconEdReviews.org)

Initially funded in June 2008, the Kazanjian Economic Education Reviews (KEER) program has stored approximately 1,200 economics lessons plans on econedreviews.org. Each is categorized by grade level, economic concept, subject matter, national standards, and the organization which produces the lesson. Additionally, most of the lessons have been reviewed by classroom teachers and are rated.  

Unlike some excellent and already existing lesson plan compendiums, the KEER system (econedreviews.org) lists lesson plans from a variety of organizations, including the Foundation for Economic Education,  Federal Reserve Banks, the Council for Economic Education, and Jump$tart. The site is continually updated.   Over 1,100 lessons are contained on KEER and have been reviewed by 310 teachers.

KEER provides an excellent source for “literature reviews” for those wishing to submit an application. Prospective applicants should review currently available materials on econedreivews.org to determine if the project they are considering overlaps with an existing program.