Professional Development Module for History TeachersProfessional Development Module for History Teachers

This grant supported the development of a teacher-education module to help high school social studies/history teachers put more economics into their curriculum. The modules were an adaptation of the existing Understanding Economics in U.S. History initially funded by the Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation. Directed at 11th and 12th grade teachers with little economics background themselves, the training module can be used by universities, school districts, and a variety of other organizations to update teacher skills and provide them with ready-made materials for their classroom.

Each component includes an overview explaining the key economic idea or concept, followed by specific lesson plans and activities ready-made for the teacher’s classroom. Videos are incorporated into the units and demonstrate effective teaching techniques.

The grant supported the development of the teacher-training modules and the application of the classroom units to web-based instruction. The professional development platform used in the units is being employed in other online teacher-training modules.