Economics for AllEconomics for All

Believing, as Mr. Kazanjian did, that economic literacy is for everyone, the Foundation seeks projects that help students and adults often identified as “at-risk” of not participating in the market economy.

Here are a few programs or this type we have funded:

Prision Education Program, St. Louis Univestiy

Helping the incarcerated prepare for life after prison should include learning enough personal finance skills so to operate effectively as a consumer, employees and citizens.  As part of an on-going college eduction program for inmates and prision staff, St. Louis University offers classes that include instruction in basic personal finance skills.  The program also includes guest lecturers from recently founded companies.  These talks are directed at stimulating entrepreneuraral intersts among prisoners soon to be released.

Mini Society

The Kinder-Economy was adapted to meet the needs of inner-city students by its creator, Dr. Marilyn Kourilsky, partially through the support of the Foundation. This project is a derivation of the Mini-Society, an experiential economic education program designed to teach basic economics and entrepreneurship skills to at-risk economics students.


Because Mr. Kazanjian founded Peter Paul Incorporated in Connecticut, the Foundation maintains an interest in the state. On several occasions the Foundation has supported STRIVE, a southern Connecticut based organization dedicated to helping the “hard core unemployed” to find jobs. STRIVE provides job skills and basic economics education to those who have little if any employment history. STRIVE’s job placement and one year job retention rate is above 70%.